Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 257 -- After things settle down.

Remember when I longed to stay put for a while?  (click here)  Well, right now as I type this I am on a plane bound for Sacramento.  *Sigh*  I will drive back to Utah in a vehicle we purchased from our son.  (We sold our one and only car as a mechanic's special, and we've been using a pickup borrowed from our sister-in-law.)

Sometimes life just doesn’t go exactly as planned, and it really messes with my eating routines.  I find myself living in an “after things settle down” mode.  I will get back into my routines “when things settle down.”  I will pay attention to hunger and fullness “after things settle down.”  My exercise will be consistent again, “when my life gets back in order.”

It amazes me.  Haven't I already learned that lesson over and over and over... that life never settles down?  I have a little sign on my computer that reads:

Write While Under Fire

It's supposed to remind me that I need to make writing a priority, even when things are crazy.  (I struggle with that!!)  I need to apply that to eating healthy too.  It needs to be a priority no matter what.

After things settle down.  Yah, right.  Be gone stupid phrase!  It ain't gonna happen!  Replace that mode of thinking with:

Eat Healthy and Exercise While Under Fire