Saturday, September 10, 2011

DAY 253 -- "Master Chef"

Years ago, I worked part-time in the accounting office of a Country Club.  I remember when I was hired, the office manager gushed over one of the perks for working at the country club: we could eat lunch for free, eating from the buffet prepared by the "Master Chef."

This did seem like a perk at first, until the pounds started accumulating.  And after awhile, I noticed the entrees seemed to taste the same, day in and day out.  Then I began to notice the food deliveries... frozen entrees delivered to the country club kitchen.  Master Chef?  I think "Frozen Food Coordinator" would be a more appropriate title.

It opened my eyes, and made me realize that most restaurants are not serving freshly prepared foods, but are just coordinating the frozen meals, shipped from who knows where.  

Now I wonder about the "Master Chef."  I picture him graduating with honors, full of dreams of opening his own restaurant and receiving rave reviews for the delightful delicacies he creates with the finest, freshest ingredients, then finds himself working as a "Frozen Food Coordinator" at a country club, (or any major restaurant, actually), thinking, "I went to culinary school for this??"


  1. I did some p/t work helping out with banquets and I was disgusted to learn that food is often times served more than once -- as a money saving measure.

    I also worked at a hospital in Juneau, Alaska that had Philipino (sp?) cooks and they had the most excellent food choices. You never know where you're going to find good or bad food, huh.

  2. Susan... EEWWW, they serve food more than once? I've often wondered about that.

    Did the Filipino cooks in Alaska prepare any traditional Filipino foods? I absolutely love their foods (lumpia, chicken adobo, pancit).