Friday, September 9, 2011

DAY 252 -- Use monotony to eat less? Really?

There are lots of diet tips available and some ring true to me while others make me smack my head and wonder, are you kidding me?  Today I read an article that was a real head-slapper on the Real Age website titled Control Appetite with Repetition.  The author recommended eating the same foods for breakfast or lunch every day.  That's right.  The same meal every day, day in, day out.  The theory is that the monotony brings a reduction in appetite.  So does being slugged in the stomach, but I don't think that's a good diet plan either.

Here's some flaws in the monotonous system:  

  • Eating the same foods every day does not give a person the variety in nutrition needed.  We need a wide variety of foods to get the vitamins and minerals our bodies require.  Eating the same foods over and over can actually lead to illness.
  • I find it doubtful that a person could continue eating that way the rest of their life.  So what if you lose a few pounds by eating monotonously, as soon as you stop eating that way the pounds will come back on.  
  • Mealtime should be an enjoyable time, not a drudgery of repetitive meals.  
As a compulsive overeater, I am all for eating less at mealtime, and all for little tricks that help me push the plate away, but this is one "diet tip" I will not bother with.  

I would love to hear your opinions.  (Check out the article on the link I provided above.)


  1. I tend to stick to the same thing for quite a while and then all of a sudden one day I can't eat that item one more time or I'll scream.

    I agree mealtime should be enjoyable. I think taking care with the preparation is part of the joy for me. When I'm working, it's the first thing that goes to the wayside, unfortunately.

  2. Susan... I am gearing up to start working part-time and I worry about how I will keep up with healthy meals while working. With your work schedule, I can imagine it's nearly impossible to have sit down mealtime celebrations.