Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DAY 180 -- Homemade salad dressings.

I enjoy vinegar and olive oil on my salad, and that's what I mainly use, but now and then I get a hankering for blue cheese dressing.  So, I've experimented with some recipes and recently made a cooked salad dressing that is real close to "Miracle Whip" and then used that homemade salad dressing in a recipe for Blue Cheese Dressing.  

The "Miracle Whip" type dressing was a big hit with my husband.  He misses having Miracle Whip since we switched to healthier, more natural foods.  The ingredients on the Miracle Whip jar revealed corn syrup AND sugar, as well as chemicals or ingredients that we had no idea how to pronounce.  By making my own, I know what's in there!  He thought the homemade stuff tastes great and looks forward to trying it on sandwiches.  He even said it tastes good enough to just have on a salad by itself.

But I continued my quest for Blue Cheese Dressing.  Awhile back I tried a recipe for blue cheese dressing and it was "okay" but not great, a little on the bland side.  The latest recipe I used (incorporating the homemade "Miracle Whip") turned out a bit more successful.  We like it better than the previous attempt, but it's still not quite what we want.

Does anyone have a good recipe for Blue Cheese Dressing?  


  1. Maybe it would be better with mayonnaise. Maybe not if you like miracle whip better. I can't stand the stuff. I am thinking buttermilk, but I don't have a recipe.

  2. Lynn, you read my mind. I wondered if a recipe using buttermilk might fit the taste we want.