Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DAY 179 -- A flop of a meal!

Sometimes I share successful meals, so it's only fair that I share a flop.  Tonight's meal was most definitely a flop.  I made chicken and dumplings using a recipe I've prepared many times.  However.  Tonight I tried to make the dumplings with whole wheat flour.  Big mistake.  The dumplings were heavy with a grainy texture.  Then came the major disaster...the whole wheat dumplings thickened the "soup" part of the meal, which in turn burned (and I mean black charcoal burned!) on the bottom of my pan.  I'm hoping I can salvage it -- salvage the pan, not the meal.

My husband, though, insists that it tastes "okay," and ate it anyway and said he'll have some for lunch tomorrow.  Gross.  I don't know whether to question his sanity or give him a kiss.  Maybe both.  (And I better make a run to the store for some Pepto Bismol...after I finish scrubbing the pan...and airing out the house.)


  1. I've tried adding wheat flour to recipes and discovered that I can only add about 25% wheat flour. I give you big kudos for trying!!!

  2. I wrote a note to myself on that recipe: DOES NOT WORK WELL WITH WHOLE WHEAT! With my memory, I feared I would forget this disaster and attempt it another time.