Saturday, June 25, 2011

DAY 176 -- Funny quote about Italian food.

This quote gave me a good chuckle, especially since I recently wrote a series of posts about Italian food.

"The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later, you're hungry again."  ~George Miller


  1. Hi Trudy!
    I'm still here.
    I keep reading, but I have a lot to do. Here beginn the last 4 weeks bevor summer holidays. Diverse School Partys and Holidays preparations.

    Have a nice week.

  2. It is funny, but sadly we rarely wait until we are hungry again to begin eating.

  3. @Miriam...sounds like you are keeping very busy. When do your summer holidays begin? Do children get a long summer break like some areas here? (Some areas there is no school from June through August.) true, so true. Some days I do much better at waiting for actual hunger, but other days...not so much.

  4. Hello!

    The Schoolholidyas beginn in July 18. The children have 5 weeks. 22 August is back to school again. The summer time goes to fast away.
    We are going to Turkey for 2 weeks.