Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DAY 166 -- Contract for goals.

I came across an awesome website for setting goals, with a contract.  And it's free!

You can set the time frame for long term goals, or even make commitments for short term projects like cleaning out a closet, or some chore you are putting off.

You can put money at stake (if you choose to do so) where money will go to a charity if you don't succeed that week, or it can go to a charity you hate (anti-charity), or it can go to a friend or foe.  But as I said, there is the option not to put any money at stake.

I'm really excited about the website and set up a commitment for my work goals, exercise, and even for eating healthy.  And next time I find myself procrastinating a project, I think I will do a commitment for that too.

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