Saturday, June 11, 2011

DAY 162 -- Another full day.

It felt great to get up and exercise this morning after traveling all day yesterday.  I needed to get that blood circulating again!  I usually work out to DVDs at home, but this morning I felt like using the stationary bike and the weight machine at the clubhouse.

We went to a wedding this afternoon, followed by a reception this evening.  Not knowing if they were serving a meal at the reception, and since we had not eaten lunch, we went out to eat between events. Then we got to the reception and they were serving vegetables, fruit, and croissants with meat and cheese.  I had some veggies and some fruit and glass of ice water.

During the latter part of the reception, they had dancing on the rooftop of the reception hall.  What a wonderful way to end our day...dancing under a clear cool sky, surrounded by friends and flowers.

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