Sunday, June 5, 2011

DAY 156 -- Vacation!

It's vacation time!  We leave in a little while, but I thought I would hurry and post something to let you know that I will try my hardest to get something written every day, and will hopefully post again later today, but in case we have glitches with Internet connection, just keep checking, I'll post as soon as I can.

Tonight we will spend the night with friends that recently moved to Nevada.  We knew them when we lived in Tennessee and haven't seen them for a couple years.  Very excited to see them!!!  Then we continue our trip to Lake Tahoe, where we will stay (on the California side) for a few days.  Our son, his girlfriend, and his two dogs, will join us there on Tuesday.

I've got healthy snacks packed for us.  We will travel with our daughter, her husband, and their two little ones.  Should make for interesting experiences.  It's been years since I traveled with toddlers.  We will ride in their new-to-them van.  When they showed us their van for the first time, our granddaughter kept excitedly telling us, "Look at our new car seat!  Our new car seat!"  She was referring to the entire van, but calls it their car seat.  Cute!  If my daughter is okay with me posting pictures of the kids, I will do so later.  :)

Hopefully this vacation will be a success.  We haven't vacationed together as a family since our kids still lived at home, so this will be a first with all of us vacationing with "in-laws" and grandkids.  

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  1. Sound great! Have fun and happy holidays!