Saturday, June 4, 2011

DAY 155 -- "True" vs. Truth.

Last night I struggled with body image.  Drat that stupid task of trying on swimsuits!!   I truly have unattractive legs, and there's no way to cover them without resorting to the old fashioned, below-the-knee, suits.  I fell into Satan's trap of discouragement, but thankfully had enough sense to cry out for help.  

The answer... I was looking at what is "true," rather than looking at Eternal Truth.

These things are true: my legs are unattractive... I have saggy skin (from weight loss)... I would need surgery to ever have decent looking legs... (need I go on?)  All of those things are "true." 

But if I want the real
truth, I need to look to my Heavenly Father.  

God's truth about my body:  I am created in His image... my body is a temple... I am beautiful... I am doing my best to be healthy and fit, therefore, I am fine the way I am.  

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