Thursday, February 10, 2011

DAY 40 -- Insight on my previous post.

First of all...drats!  I totally thought I had posted yesterday, but discovered I had not!

In my last post, I was wondering what I was trying to feed.  I felt down and wanted to eat, eat, eat.  That night I learned I was suffering from a major problem... and overdose of what I will call "Vitamin I."  What do I need?  What am I feeding?  Why do I feel emotionally hungry?  blah blah blah  All my thoughts focused around ME!

I was "me-deep" in conversation with the Lord.  "Help me feel better"  "What's wrong with me?"    All my prayers were about ME ME ME!!!  "Bless ME!"

Somehow the Lord got it through my thick noggin that if I would stop turning my thoughts and worries inward, and start looking outward (to focus on Him and what He wanted--which is to serve others) then I would feel better.  And of course, He was right!  :)

So Day 40 was a much better day since I spent most of the day helping someone else.  I even made a sign to hang in my kitchen.  "It's not about me!"

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