Monday, January 3, 2011

DAY 3 -- Good food, but low mood

Still successful.  This morning I had "Zoom" hot cereal (100% whole wheat), with lowfat milk, and an egg cooked with vegetable oil spray.  Oh, and I had a clementine.  :)  I used to use a little bit of honey in my Zoom, but today I decided to leave it off.

For lunch I had a mixture of fresh potato, green beans, and extra lean ground beef.  And a fresh plum.

Tonight I plan on having a salad with vinegar/oil dressing.

I feel somewhat down today.  I guess I expected my mood to be elevated.  After all...I am on the right track again...I am successful at this so far...I am eating healthy foods.  What's wrong?  I am wondering if it might be withdrawals from the refined flour.  Missing my comfort foods, maybe?

I read a book (awhile back) about overeating, and the author suggested that we turn to God for comfort instead of food.  I am a religious person, and agree with her on that point.  Time to get on my knees and ask for His comfort.

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