Monday, January 10, 2011

DAY 10 -- Thankful obesity has not struck my children

Tonight I watched last week's episode of Biggest Loser Season 11 (on the  I have only seen the show once or twice several years ago.  This season I was curious to watch it after hearing that Rulon Gardner is on there.  I can still vividly recall the thrill I felt watching him win Olympic Gold.  But I digress...

Watching that show made me so grateful that my children do not suffer from obesity.  They are fit and trim, and I realize it is miraculous.  Seeing the parent/child teams on the show really hit me... first with gratitude that my children are not overweight, and second with gratitude that I woke up and gave up refined sugars years ago--otherwise I would be even heavier than I was at that time, and certainly heavier than I am now.

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