Friday, August 30, 2013

Food Tramp

Thanks to streaming television, I got hooked on a TV drama, watching one episode after another. Eventually I tired of the main character. She slept with almost anyone, for any reason. Sad? She would sleep with someone. Angry? Sleep with someone. Hurt? Sleep with someone... It disgusted me. What a tramp! Couldn't she have a meaningful relationship? She just used men.

Then it dawned on me, her relationship with men was comparable (in some ways) to my relationship with food. Sad? I eat. Angry? I eat. Hurt? I eat.

She and I are trying to fill a void. She uses men. I use food.

So, I put a sign on my fridge: "Don't be a Food Tramp."


  1. Ha! Ha! I love your sense of humour... you make me smile. And no: its not a spelling mistake, I'm English.....

    1. I have English heritage (my grandmother was a child when her parents moved from England to the U.S.). I wish I could recall if she had a strong sense of humour.