Friday, April 5, 2013

Uncommon Restaurant

We recently went to dinner with our daughter and her husband to celebrate her birthday. She selected Communal Restaurant in Provo, where they served meals made with fresh produce from local farms, and "local and sustainable meats and cheeses." The masterfully prepared foods were a delight to the taste buds, making many pleasurable "mmm mmm mmm" moments.

We had a reservation for four and sat at our own table, but in another part of the restaurant a long table invited communal feasting where strangers socialized as they dined.

The menu changes every season as various produce becomes available. I would love to sample foods from every menu. It's amazing how fresh local foods make such a difference.

And a poor reflection on our society when serving  fresh foods makes a restaurant uncommon.


  1. It sounds like a place where I might want to go when I'm in SLC next month. Was it very expensive?

    1. It was a bit pricey. And initially the portions didn't seem big enough, but the food was so satisfying that the portions turned out to be very adequate.

      Also... they bring each item to the table as it is cooked and ready, so it comes in no particular order at times, (a soup might come after the entree, for instance) but that means your meal is not sitting there waiting for an item. Not only is it fresh food, but freshly cooked and brought to your table immediately.

      If you click on the link in my post (Communal Restaurant) it will take you to their website where you can find their menu and the prices (in whole dollar amounts). They bring it "family style" to the table, so sharing is easy and encouraged.