Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Since I last ate.

"I've never been swimming.  That's because it's never been more than half an hour since I last ate." 
~comedian Artie Lange

I feel like a chest cold is coming on.  I want to take an herbal supplement that my niece recommended to nip it in the bud, but she told me, "Do not eat or drink 30-40 minutes before AND after taking it."

Uh... that's a tough window of time to find in the life of a compulsive emotional eater.

Could someone please administer this to me while I'm sleeping?


  1. That's easy. Take it in the dark when you first get up, then go back to bed for 30 minutes.

    Unless you have other morning meds that you are supposed to take separate from anything else, that works great. Or do the dishes after lunch or dinner, then take the pill and sit down without food to watch a movie.

    I know, you wanted sympathy, not practical solutions. Not gonna feed your emotional eating by feeding you sympathy. I'm just that hard-hearted today.

    If all else fails try Sudafed instead.

    1. Actually, I didn't want sympathy, I wanted laughter. I was poking fun at my situation. ;-) But I appreciated your hard-hearted approach. Sometimes a good kick in the pants is just what the doctor ordered.