Friday, March 29, 2013

Food is my wubby.

Sometimes when I head for the fridge, I have thoughts to seek comfort elsewhere...prayer, meditation, yoga, affirmations...but I shove those thoughts aside and grab the food.  I kept wondering, why do I rebel like that? Then an image came to my mind of a child stubbornly clinging to a security blanket, unwilling to give it up.

It made me think of a scene from Mr. Momwhen Jack (Michael Keaton) wants his son to give up his beloved "wubby."  He gives a very clever and witty speech, so I posted it for Comic Relief  on my Reel Focus blog.

Food is my wubby, and I feel rebellious when my inner dialogue tells me I don't need my wubby at that moment. Oh yeah? Well, I'm not giving it up without a fight, so there!

Referring to Jack's intervention pep talk (see Comic Relief: Mr. Mom)... I wish I could toss my wubby into the fireplace like brave little Kenny, before I get strung out on bedspreads (or in my case, bread spreads).

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