Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Veggie Wash

Last week a local grocery store had their fuji apples on sale for 97 cents a pound.  Although I usually select organic produce, I went ahead and purchased a bunch of the apples.  Thanks to one of my nieces, I learned about the all natural "Veggie Wash" and I use it on non-organic produce.  It's made with organic citrus and natural ingredients, and according to the package, "safely removes waxes, chemicals, and soil."

I still prefer purchasing organic, but when a sale price is too good to resist, I think washing the produce (not just rinsing) is a good alternative.


  1. That's especially important for apples, which are often waxed. A little petroleum anyone? Where do you buy your veggie wash?

    1. Thanks for asking that...since I totally forgot to include that information in my post. I bought it at Sunflower Market. Most health food or whole food stores should carry it. And it's available on-line. I provided the link (in my post) to their website.