Friday, May 18, 2012

From a "Woman in the Rough"

A friend wrote a  poem that gave me such a, well...belly laugh, I wanted to share it, and she graciously agreed.  Kelly is from my hometown, and we went to high school together.  I was a year older (okay, maybe two), but we really got to know each other in Drill Team and Drama. (Hooo boy... the stories we could tell!)

She has such a fun and sassy writing style and recently started her own blog.  Check it out at this link: Woman in the Rough.

Here's "Epiphany" by Kelly Farley

I looked in the mirror after a shower today,
And the thing that I saw took my breath right away.
Buck naked I stood taking inventory
Of the horrible scene…..Let me tell you the story.
Crow’s feet and wrinkles lined my eyes and my lips,
Cellulite spread on my thighs and my hips.
Breasts to my navel and gut to my knees,
My arms, if extended, would swing in the breeze.
Dimples are cute when they’re placed on the face,
But on fanny and knees make them quite a disgrace!
An axe handle wide is my orange-peeled butt,
And my face, with no neck, looks like Jabba the Hut.
There are corns on my toes and gray on my head,
The reflection I saw made me wish myself  dead.
I couldn’t believe all the skin that was sagging,
I thought, “If I walk, my butt would be dragging!”
I straightened by shoulders and squared up my chin,
Rolled up my stomach; it’s time to begin.
No more junk food to eat; I’ll eat veggies and fruit,
Good bye, Ol’ Fatty….I’ll give you the boot!


  1. You might enjoy my niece's blog,

    I think you and she might have a good connection.

    1. I checked out your niece's blog. Very nice! I added it to my bookmarked blogs. :)

  2. Love it! Hey, I quit drinking coffee on May 2nd. I'll be blogging about it sometime soon. It's just the beginning of my own journey to find alternatives to the massive amounts of sugar I have been consuming. Coffee was just a means for getting more sugar.

    Inspired by your adventures!

    1. Wow... tackling sugar and coffee... way to go! I look forward to reading about your journey.