Monday, April 2, 2012


Yesterday the grandkids were visiting and our grandson got into a little mischief that resulted in him being bathed while his clothes were tossed in the washer.  After his bath we realized he needed a change of clothes to wear while waiting for his to wash and dry.

I went to our storage room and dug through a few old clothes that my kids used to wear when they were little.  I kept a few of their items (well, too many actually) that seemed special. Matching Hawaiian outfits were among them.  When my husband served aboard the USS Henry M. Jackson (submarine), they pulled into Hawaii for a brief stop, and he brought home matching outfits for me and the kids... shorts and shirt for our son, and muumuus for our daughter and me.

As the grandkids ran around in the vintage Hawaiian attire, I reflected on muumuus. Remember when larger women often had to resort to wearing muumuus?   That was back in the day when plus size women had very limited choices in clothing.  I'm so thankful that designers nowadays create attractive clothing for larger women.  I haven't worn plus sizes for years, but still, I'm grateful that those who need them have attractive selections, and don't need to wear a muumuu unless they are decked out for a luau... or have nothing else to wear because their clothes are washing.

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  1. Funny timing. I saw muu muus for sale yesterday on Amazon. Those were the days. I am also grateful that there are so many choices, since I borderline on plus. Even better, they are starting to show them on real plus size models, not altered for size 2.