Friday, April 27, 2012

Caution: a diaper clad bottom sat here.

I read an article Where the Germs Are that cautioned against various locations for nasty microbes.  Among the warnings for doorknobs, bathroom faucets, and dishrags, was a warning about the shopping cart.  

Ever since stores started supplying sanitizing wipes for shopping carts, I've been fairly consistent with wiping down the handle where grimy hands gripped.  I've mainly taken that precaution to prevent catching a cold, or a flu bug.  But I never considered other vicious germs lurking elsewhere on the cart.

An investigation found E. coli on more than 70 percent of shopping carts.  One culprit is leaky meat.  "And babies put their bottoms where you put your broccoli."  

The author suggests, "If you eat it raw, don't place it in the top part of a shopping cart."

Yikes!  I used to place the more delicate fruits and veggies in the "seat" to protect them.  Now I put them in the main section of the cart to protect myself.

(Reader's Digest, Where the Germs Are, October 2011)

E. coli
Wikipedia Commons:
Rocky Mountain laboratories, NIAID, NIH

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hungry enough to eat...

I keep thinking about a quote I saw in a magazine:  If you aren't hungry enough to eat an apple, you aren't hungry!

When I was a child, my mom used to tire of my hunger whining.

"I'm huuuungry."
"Would you like an apple?"
"Would you like a banana?"
"Would you like... (insert any healthy food)?"
"Then you must not be very hungry."

I was hungry for junk, which in reality translates to not being hungry.

Now I'm all grown up (and trying not to grow out) and realize I still struggle with distinguishing between junk hunger and real hunger, but because I enjoy healthy foods I can't test my hunger with an apple.  I would eat an apple whether truly hungry or not!  In fact, I couldn't think of any food to substitute in the quote, so I decided on this qualifier:

If I'm not hungry enough to eat at the table, I'm not hungry.

Friday, April 13, 2012

"Think on these things..."

When I read scripture, I try to think of how it might apply to me or to my situations. Recently, I prayed for help in eating healthy (as I often do) and then opened the Bible.  I read Philippians 4:8 (King James version).  "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."   

In the past, whenever I read that verse, I applied it to what I might be viewing, reading, or participating in; but this time, because of healthy eating on my mind, I saw it in a different light.  Here are some of my thoughts:

...whatsoever things are true ... Truth is something that endures forever.  If something is true now, it will be true tomorrow.  It doesn't change.  This tells me to avoid fad diets, and eat the foods that have been and always will be healthy: fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains...

...whatsoever things are honest  ... I need to be honest with myself (was that really the best food choice available?).  Be honest about hunger and fulness (am I truly hungry, or do I just want to eat?). Be accountable and honest.  

...whatsoever things are just  ...  There are consequences - just consequences - to actions, good or bad.  When I eat healthy, I can expect better health, more energy, a clear mind, and better moods. When I eat poorly, I can expect weight gain, fatigue, fuzzy mind, and diminished health.  Eating like a pig will bring consequences, and they are just.  Eating healthy brings consequences, and they are just too!

...whatsoever things are pure ... Eat as wholesome and natural as I can.  The fewer hands that have handled my food, and the less processed, the better.

...whatsoever things are lovely ... Make meals attractive.  Eat a variety of foods and rejoice in their colors, flavors, textures, and beauty.   

...whatsoever things are of good report ... Every day, it seems, there are new reports on diet research and health, often with contradicting ideas.  I need to carefully consider the source (who funded the research) and their agenda.  Some researchers report "good" numbers for weight loss, but it doesn't mean it's a healthy method of losing weight.

...if there be any virtue ... (Virtue: a standard of right; beneficial quality or power of a thing; strength or courage; commendable qualtiy or trait; capacity to act.)  Select foods that give my body benefit, power, or strength.  I have the capacity to act on good choices.  I can act (make healthy choices) rather than be acted upon (blame circumstances).

...if there be any praise ... Acknowledge my successes.  Be grateful and praise God for the healthy foods available.  Thank God for His Divine help and support.  Tell others.

...think on these things ... Think on the positive and good. Think about making healthy choices.  Envision good health and a clear mind.  Avoid negative thoughts.  Don't let thoughts dwell on foods that are unhealthy. Think on the true, honest, pure, good report, just, virtue, and praise.  Think how they apply to healthy eating and rejoice!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Healthy bundle of joy.

Our newest grandbaby arrived into the world Tuesday morning, April 3.  She seems perfect in every way, and I marvel at the miracle...not only the miracle of life, but the miracle of how so many babies can arrive in such perfect condition when so very many things can (and do) go wrong.  What a blessing to have a healthy little bundle added to our family.

I'd write more, but I need to go kiss some soft little newborn cheeks, and play with her brother and sister.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stop being efficient.

Years ago I talked with a therapist and expressed how I tried to be efficient with my daily tasks.  I told him how I dove-tailed many chores, and even kept a basket at the stairway to collect items that needed to go up the next time I went.

"Stop being efficient, " he told me.


"You could use a few extra trips up the stairs."


But he was right.  And I thought of him yesterday as I did laundry -- making a trip up the stairs after each load, and back down the stairs with the next.

Often the least efficient way for chores (and transportation) is the most efficient for our health.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Yesterday the grandkids were visiting and our grandson got into a little mischief that resulted in him being bathed while his clothes were tossed in the washer.  After his bath we realized he needed a change of clothes to wear while waiting for his to wash and dry.

I went to our storage room and dug through a few old clothes that my kids used to wear when they were little.  I kept a few of their items (well, too many actually) that seemed special. Matching Hawaiian outfits were among them.  When my husband served aboard the USS Henry M. Jackson (submarine), they pulled into Hawaii for a brief stop, and he brought home matching outfits for me and the kids... shorts and shirt for our son, and muumuus for our daughter and me.

As the grandkids ran around in the vintage Hawaiian attire, I reflected on muumuus. Remember when larger women often had to resort to wearing muumuus?   That was back in the day when plus size women had very limited choices in clothing.  I'm so thankful that designers nowadays create attractive clothing for larger women.  I haven't worn plus sizes for years, but still, I'm grateful that those who need them have attractive selections, and don't need to wear a muumuu unless they are decked out for a luau... or have nothing else to wear because their clothes are washing.