Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kummerspeck: grief bacon.

According to the Reader's Digest, I have kummerspeck.  It's the German word for "excess weight gained from emotional overeating.  Literally, grief bacon."

Someone who attends funerals just for the food is a pesamenteiro (Portuguese).  Well, at least I'm not one of those... yet.

As for my grief bacon, I will try to do better by zeg.  (Georgian: "the day after tomorrow.")

Reader's Digest, April 2012, p. 83

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Advice taken.

Several weeks ago, a friend of mine asked her Facebook friends what they suggested to help get rid of her headaches.  She was suffering from frequent severe headaches, especially after heavy exertion in exercise.  Doctors were unable to diagnose a reason, so she turned to her friends.  She received many suggestions, and I almost didn't post anything, since most of my friends don't like to hear what I have to say about health and nutrition, but I decided "what the heck" and told her that I got rid of my severe headaches by eliminating sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Recently she told me that she had decided to take my suggestion, and was surprised (and pleased) how quickly her body responded to the change... no more headaches!

I felt pleased that she had the courage to eliminate sweets, but mostly I was pleased that she found relief from the pain!

Monday, March 5, 2012

"Extra" food.

I'm not talking extra helpings, I'm talking about the food served while working as an "Extra" last week, for an ABC family movie titled "The Mistle-Tones." (With Tia Mowry, and Tori Spelling.)

Our meals were catered and we were given large portions of cooked vegetables, as well as salad.  We also had some pasta one day, and rice another day, with a small amount of meat each time.

As I reflected on this, I realized it's an economical way to feed a crowd: lots of veggies to fill up on, a portion of grain/starch, and a small amount of meat.  (Basically the way I eat at home!)  They didn't serve us "cheap" burgers from a fast food dollar menu.  Seems to debunk the theory of those who claim it's cheaper to feed their family junk.