Thursday, February 2, 2012

Top Cities for Staying Young

According to Real Age, I live in an area ranked #2 for "real age" youthfulness!  Check it out... are you living in an area known for good health or staying young?

25 Best Cities for Staying Young

Hopefully you are not living in one of the following areas... 

25 Top Cities for Aging Too Fast.  (Good thing I don't live in the Knoxville area anymore!)

Of course, we can make healthy choices no matter where we live.  It's just fun to see the ranking.


  1. I guess the midwest is somewhere in the middle generally.

    I noticed the "healthiest" places are the biggest they not consider traffic and commuting which are huge stressors?

    Where do they get their stats anyway? I am not going to answer questions about my sex life on a survey! Have people no pride? No sense of decency or of the idea that being asked that, even anonymously, is an intrusion?

    Sorry for the rant; maybe I'm just bitter for not living in a healthy city. :P) But let's talk about air quality...and SLC and LA both drop dramatically in the ratings! Just saying...

    1. I think the information is gathered from the questionnaires that people fill out to find out their "real age"... so the "youngest" cities are not necessarily based on "health" as in polution, etc. but the quantity of people that show up as "younger" than their real age after taking the "Real Age Test". And visa versa for the cities that are aging too fast... those stats are probably from the quantity of people who (because of life style and health habits) are physically, internally, "older" than their real age.

      But with so many people listed as "younger" who live in major cities, maybe it shows that healthy lifestyles can help combat an unhealthy environment.

      Maybe not enough people in the Midwest have taken the Real Age Test, so they didn't turn up in the stats. Sorry.

  2. Maybe the people in the big cities are younger generally...or more prone to lie on surveys. :) Just having a little fun with this. I've taken the "real age" test but I don't remember how "old" I was--and I think I was in Utah when I did it.