Saturday, January 28, 2012

Interesting interview.

I watched an episode of The Story Trek where the host, Todd, interviewed a woman who told how she used to be severely depressed, unmotivated, in her sweats all day.  Then she started to exercise, plus eliminated sugar and white bread from her diet.  She lost 50 pounds and feels fantastic...energetic and happy.

She's a stay-at-home mom, but has a home-based business on the side (get this!) baking unique cookies!  She said she bakes by "smell"and "texture" and has friends and neighbors sample the recipes to make sure they taste good.

Wow.  I know that I, personally, would not risk baking cookies (or any other sweets), especially on a regular basis.  It's such a habit for me to taste what I'm preparing that it would totally stress me out to bake cookies...being on guard every moment against absent-minded sampling.  When asked to provide cookies or dessert for a party or function, I respond with, "I will gladly purchase something from the store or bakery!"

I'm amazed she is able to refrain from sampling her cookie creations, and hope she has continued success both in her business and in her abstinence from sugar.  I wish I could meet her... a kindred sugarholic in recovery.

Here is a link to watch the inteview:  The Story Trek.  The title of the episode is "Yesterday I was in jail"... which is the first story told in this particular episode.  To view her story, go to about 17:30 minutes into the show (you can move the time bar to that point).

I enjoy The Story Trek.  The concept is that everyone has a story.  They go to random areas around the country, to random homes, and knock on doors.  The first person who answers and agrees to be on television, gets interviewed.  Such interesting stories emerge, such as the woman who recovered from depression by giving up sugar...but bakes cookies on the side!  :)

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