Sunday, May 29, 2011

DAY 149 -- Husband's saggy slacks.

This morning as we prepared for church, my husband exclaimed, "Look at this!"  Then he showed me how baggy his suit pants are now.   In January those slacks were tight, then he lost enough weight for them to fit just right.  Now they are suddenly way too loose.  We were both stunned.  Those slacks used to be considered his "skinny" pants since he bought the suit during a time when he had lost weight, and even had the suit tailored to fit him properly.  They've been his measurement of "if I lose weight, I can fit into my suit better."  He's lost enough weight to shrink out of his skinny slacks.  It was an exciting moment.

Later, as he was walking in front of me across an asphalt parking lot, I noticed that his pant legs were draping around his shoes.  It looked like the scene from the movie BIG, when the boy (played by Tom Hanks) walks across the street as he returns home - his adult size suit hanging on him.  That's what it reminded me of as my husband walked away.  A tall (6' 3") boy in a draping suit.

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