Saturday, May 28, 2011

DAY 148 -- Upcoming H.S. Reunion

I keep thinking about my high school reunion rapidly approaching.  It's planned for July, and although I've known about it for about a month or maybe two, it seems like it's sneaking up on me. 

My Healthy Eating Challenge is about making healthy food choices and not focused on weight loss,  but the thought of a reunion fills me with the desire to lose lots of weight and tone up.  Yet, what do I do?  The opposite.  It seems like whenever I feel a time crunch or pressure to look my best, I start overeating.  I'm sure I need some analyzing over that, but in the meantime I just keep telling myself to get a grip, get back on track, and stop worrying about it!

Here's a cartoon I've kept for many years.  It makes me chuckle since it's quite appropriate for what I'm feeling today!


  1. Hello Lynn!

    Why??? I made the same mistake!
    Sometimes I thought I boykot myself. I'm going to Argentinien in October and now I can't stop to eat cookies! So frustrating!
    The cartoon ist great.
    I'm not going to a HS reunion but I'll meet old friends from school too.
    I send you motivation for the next time.

  2. Thanks Miriam! I need all the motivation I can get! I'm glad someone understands what I mean about wanting to lose weight for a special occasion or trip, yet sabotaging myself. Maybe we can help each other out!