Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DAY 144 -- A tie-in to yesterday's post.

Hope you don't mind another post regarding swimsuits.  I guess I have swimsuits on the brain because vacation time is fast approaching and I remembered the last time I went swimming (last summer) I realized my suit would need replacing this year since the elastic was starting to give out.  Even though I hadn't planned on making clothing purchases until after the end of my year long challenge, I might need to break down and get a new suit.  A very unpleasant task, trying on swimwear.  *shudder*

Some years ago I purchased a greeting card that cracked me up.  I bought it for myself, just to keep, because it makes me smile every time I see it.  

Here's the front:

This inside of the card reads:  "I think the ruffle really makes a difference, don't you?"

According to the on-line article I mentioned yesterday, the ruffle should be up around the neck.  That would make all the difference.  hahaha

Please don't think I am body bashing or being hateful towards my own body.  I just like to laugh at my imperfections.  Years ago we bought a house with a pool.  I was thrilled because I could finally swim in private.  The first time we used the pool, my husband and kids were already in the water when I came out in my swimsuit.  Our dog did not recognize me in all my bright white blob-ness and began to growl with his hackles up.  Seriously!  Each time I tried to get to the pool, he got between the family and me, teeth bared and growling.  It was soooo funny!  We still laugh about it.

I've come a long ways since then.  I weigh far less, and I can tolerate being seen in public in my swimsuit, which is a good thing since we now live in a condo and use the pool at the clubhouse.  But still... trying swimwear on is just a grind.  

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