Saturday, May 14, 2011

DAY 134 -- Donating food.

We received a plastic bag at our place with instructions to fill the bag with canned goods or packaged foods for a charity.   The printed directions on the bag requested the bag be filled with high protein items if possible, like canned meats and peanut butter.

Back in January when we stopped eating most processed foods, we cleared out our cabinets and pantry of almost all items we didn't want to eat, and gave those items to our daughter and son-in-law, since he was still in school and they lived on a tight budget.  I felt some twinges of guilt then, but my daughter assured me that they would eat healthy as often as they could, and would supplement with the canned goods I gave them.

Even so, there were many items I did not give the kids because I felt it was just too unhealthy with nitrites and chemicals listed in the ingredients.  I just could not bring myself to give those items to them--as though I was giving poison to my family.  But I also could not bring myself to throw the food away!

Now, with the plastic bag delivered to our place, I took the opportunity to fill it with those items we don't want to eat and don't want to give to our family.  I feel confident the items will be appreciated since they were almost all high protein foods, but I still feel guilty.  I can't bring myself to pass "poison" on to my kids, but I can give "poison" to strangers in need.


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