Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DAY 96 -- How others react...

Lunch was brought in at my husband's workplace, but he chose not to eat it since it was high in sugar content.  (A chef prepared waffles with whip cream, syrups and sugary glazed berries, etc.)  When his co-workers learned that he was not going to eat with them, and learned that he preferred to eat healthy, they started giving him a hard time about it, "Ooooh, Goodie Two Shoes!"  "Okay, well, you can answer the phones and do all the work while we're in our sugar coma."  

I was surprised when he told me their reactions.  I've had people respond with comments like, "I wish I had your willpower," or "I couldn't live like that," but I don't recall anyone teasing or giving me a hard time.

Wouldn't it be nice if people could be happy for others when they are trying to make improvements in their lives?  

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  1. I've learned to say, "oh thank you, but not today". One thing to remember is that "No" is a complete sentence. Explanations are not necessary. If pressed, I'll say, "No, thank you."