Tuesday, April 5, 2011

DAY 95 -- Sample meal ideas.

Several years ago, I had a friend that frequently told me, "I would love to follow you around all day and see what you eat.  I don't understand how you eat without sugar."  Then I would explain that many foods do not contain added sugar!  
So, with that in mind, I thought today I would post a few sample meal ideas, just in case others wonder the same thing, "What do you eat?"

Even though I don't count calories, fat grams, carbs, portions, or whatever, I do try to eat from the basic food groups.


I have some grain or starch, for instance (but not limited to)... oat bran, shredded wheat cereal, Zoom (whole wheat cereal), cracked wheat cereal, fried potatoes, or whole wheat pancakes. (Any cereals I purchase, I carefully read the labels to make sure there are no sugars added.)

I add fruit to my cereal to sweeten it, like fresh banana, peaches, pears, or dried fruit, like raisins.  If I have pancakes, I eat it with butter and natural applesauce on top (or sometimes pears).  If I use canned fruit, I use the kind canned in its natural juice (no sugar or artificial sweeteners added).

For protein I have an egg (from cage free chickens at a local farm), or cottage cheese (I select cottage cheese that does not have dextrose added, and I select cottage cheese made from cows not treated with growth hormones).  Once in awhile I have uncured bacon (cured bacon has sodium nitrates--I read about those and they scare me!!).

And I usually have milk (again...from cows not treated with growth hormones.)


I typically have a tossed salad for lunch.  I love salads!  I drizzle olive oil over it, and I have a variety of vinegars to choose from. 

I have protein, and a grain/starch, and if I have room, then I sometimes add some fruit.  Usually my lunch menu consists of leftovers from supper the night before... such as...


I usually serve cooked vegetables for dinner.  And then serve a variety of foods with protein and grain/starch.  And I'm talking a WIDE variety of stuff.  Here is just a smidgeon of what we've had recently.

Chicken Cacciatore (made with tomato paste--no sugar added, and seasonings) served over whole wheat or whole grain pasta.

Steak with potatoes.

Pork loin with a homemade teriyaki (no sweetener) sauce, served with brown rice.  

Ahi tuna, with sweet potatoes, or squash.

(For suppers, I try to rotate through chicken, beef, pork, fish... so we aren't having protein from the same source meal after meal.)


A small piece of cheese with apple, and a few Triscuits.
A healthy homemade muffin, with some milk.  (The recipes I use only call for a couple tablespoons of honey or 100% maple syrup, to sweeten the entire batch.)
Plain Greek yogurt mixed with fruit and a few raw walnuts (broken into pieces).

Again, this list is just a very small sample of the foods I eat, but hopefully it gives a general overview.

Maybe I should allow people to come follow me around and see what I eat... as long as they do the dishes, laundry, and clean the house while they are here!  ;-)

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