Saturday, April 2, 2011

DAY 92 -- The "Perfect" Body

I told my husband, "I have a perfect body!"  To which he responded, "You do?"  (I will forgive him for that....  hahaha)  Then I proceeded to explain that I was reflecting on how everything on my body works.  My digits, limbs, organs, the whole package.  What a blessing!  I know that eventually some parts won't work as well as they do now, and that's fine too.  My body is perfect for me.

As far as the "Hollywood" standard of a perfect body... well... that's an illusion.  A few years ago, we attended a humongous event with about 250,000 people gathered.  I do NOT like crowds like that, and was so miserable from the noise, and claustrophobia, that I decided to focus on something other than my misery.  I needed to make a game out of my situation.  So, I decided to pretend I was a Hollywood scout, searching for the perfect body (male and/or female).  I decided to find the bodies that were perfectly proportioned and perfectly in shape.  

I spent the entire day searching for such a body and never found one.  Not one!  Sure, I saw a few bodies that were "in shape" but also noticed the bodies were out of proportion (legs too long or too short, head too big or too small, etc., etc.).  One time I saw a woman walking towards me that looked like she fit the bill.  Extraordinary body design.  Then she walked past me and I saw that her "booty" trailed after her as though a separate appendage.  Oh my goodness, I could have used that behind for a shelf!  

By the end of the day, I realized there truly are no perfect bodies in the way that the media would have us believe.  I feel sad for those who feel they need to measure up to that illusion.

As for me... I am not buying into that fantasy.  I want good health.  I want fitness appropriate for my age and ability.  My body, with all its lumps, bumps, and sags, is not "perfect" according to Hollywood standards, but my body is a perfectly wonderful gift.  


  1. I'd like to not be obsessed with my weight and imperfect body ....

  2. It took me years to finally reach a point where I'm comfortable in my skin. I look at old photos of myself and think, "Wow! Look how young and slender I was!" and then I remember that at the time the picture was taken, I thought I was fat. Made me realize...I need to be happy with the way I look.