Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DAY 109 -- Grief.

I am reeling from shock and grief today.  One of my brothers passed away last night unexpectedly.  A little over a week ago, my husband and I rode with this brother and his wife as we traveled to our aunt's funeral. Who knew that in such a short time my brother would be gone.

Tears flow readily.  Pajamas still adorn my body.  No shower or bath calls my name.  But I do hear the call of comfort food... namely peanut butter and banana sandwich with a cold glass of milk.  (Natural peanut butter with no added sugar.)

I have faith in God.  I know that even--and perhaps especially--in adversity, good came come from the pain.  But right now I wallow in sorrow and grief.  

I took a little time to check in on some of the blogs I follow.  It helped me to feel like life continues somewhere.  I even got a few chuckles... which lifted my spirits immensely.  

But the pain returns.  Gone less than 24 hours, yet oh how I miss him already!