Sunday, April 17, 2011

DAY 107 -- Interesting TV show...

Yesterday my husband and I watched a television show that we recorded earlier in the week: "Addicted to Food."  (Oprah Winfrey Network -- OWN)  Here's a link to what the show is about:

The patients battle food addictions ranging from compulsive overeating to anorexia to bulimia.  All are considered to be diseases.

I know I am addicted to food, and that's a hard addiction to overcome.  Usually with an addiction, the "cure" is to avoid the addictive substance.  For instance, with my sugar addiction I can refrain from eating sugar, but I cannot avoid or refrain from eating food.  

The show was interesting, yet a bit uncomfortable to watch at times.  It seemed like glimpses into my own life and symptoms... ouch!  (My husband said it was like picking a scab.)

We plan to continue watching the series.  I am extremely interested to learn what lies at the core of overeating for the addict patients, and how they "treat" that underlying cause.  I hope to gain insights that I might apply to my own eating.

Granted, I am doing far better now than I was years ago.  I am in recovery from my sugar addiction (over 9 1/2 years!).  I am eating healthy foods, and striving to pay attention to hunger and fulness signals.  This is my 107th day since I began My Healthy Eating Challenge, and I've had success the majority of time.  BUT, I want to know what drives my desire to overeat.  Why do I battle the urge to seek food for comfort?

I have a feeling that learning the core reason for desiring comfort foods will be anything but comfortable.

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