Monday, April 11, 2011

DAY 101 -- People noticed!

While at the funeral, several family members noticed my weight loss and commented on how good I looked.   

Having such comments at my aunt's funeral (my father's sister) was significant to me because it was at my father's funeral that I was almost at my heaviest.  As my sister drove me to the airport after my father's funeral, she told me (as kindly as she could) that many family members had been shocked by my obesity and felt very concerned for my health.  They feared that mine would be the next family funeral.  

Yet, I still gained even more weight from that point.  It was almost a year after dad's death before I learned of my sugar addiction and started my road to recovery.

What a good feeling to have others notice my recent weight loss, but it's an even better feeling to know that I am doing what I need to do for good health.  I hope to live a long, long time, but if for some reason I am taken from this earth sooner than expected, at least my family will know I was doing my best to be healthy.  I am glad that at this funeral I did not cause concern that my grave would be the next.

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