Monday, October 7, 2013


Our car has a digital reading that indicates the average miles-per-gallon with each tank of gas. If we drive mostly highway miles, the mpg is higher; city driving brings the average mpg down. Our speed, acceleration, stops, and other factors also affect the mileage.

I wonder what if our bodies had a digital readout to indicate how our choices affect our physical mileage? 

After exercising, the "healthometer" might indicate an increase in quality of life. Drinking a spinach smoothie might increase it too, whereas eating a candy bar might show a decrease.  Each body is different, therefore the indicator would be for our own personal DNA, similar to a car's gas mileage varies according to year, make, and model.

Yep, I want a healthometer.  Where can I find such a thing?


  1. My mom had one in the bathroom when I was growing up. Yup, our scale was a Healthometer! I wonder if they still make them.

    1. What?! Healthometer is a brand of scale? I guess I better find a new name for my imaginary invention!