Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Swing away care.

Feet in the sky,
Breeze through my hair.
Float, soar, fly,
Swing away care.

I promised myself I could go swinging today. When I went for a brisk walk at 5:30 this morning, I stopped by the condo playground. There were puddles beneath the swings from recent rain, and it was dark, but I attempted to swing anyway. The creaking and groaning made me wonder if the plastic playground would withstand my adult weight. Mental images of angry children storming my condo made me decide to leave that swing set alone.

Later in the afternoon, still itching to play, I drove to a nearby park where they have a beautiful, solidly built, swing set.


I tried to capture the feelings in rhyme (see above).

Now I find myself longing to play on the 21 musical swings in Montreal. Swing and make music...how soothing to the soul.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Yes, we have no banana slicer.

A friend posted a link on Facebook. Nothing unusual about that, except that I actually clicked on it. I rarely click on the links friends post (who has time to read a thousand links a day? okay...maybe a hundred), but this one caught my eye because she promised it was hilarious.

It was for a banana slicer. I know, that's not funny, but the customer reviews are a hoot!

Later, when visiting friends, I told them about the witty reviews. Brian quickly searched the slicer and read aloud several of the tongue-in-cheek comments while we howled with laughter.

Now it's become a running joke. Cindy came to stay with us a few days, and Brian sent a text requesting her return because he didn't know how to slice the bananas. I responded, "Cindy knows how to slice bananas??? I might put her to work tomorrow morning when I have my cereal!"

Later, as my husband cut some over-ripe bananas into chunks (to freeze for smoothies), I took a quick video of the procedure and sent it to Brian to brag about Kurt's talent, but admitted that he has yet to master the skill of thinner slices.

I recently read that laughter (30 minutes a day) aids in weight loss. If that is true, then why does Santa's belly shake like a bowl full of jelly? (Hohoho.) Still, it does help with healthy living since it lifts the mood, brightens the outlook, and is, after all, the best medicine.

If you need some laughter, click here, and scroll down to the customer reviews.