Sunday, October 23, 2011

DAY 296 -- Popeye would be proud.

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Kurt and I got our share of spinach today...and then some.  We had bunch of organic spinach that needed used soon, and even though we were putting it on salads, it was not getting used fast enough.  So for lunch today, I sauteed a big panful of spinach with fresh garlic and mixed it with cooked pasta.  Then I sprinkled it all with olive oil and put seasonings on it.  Delicious!

(It amazes me how a panful of spinach cooks down to what seems like a puny amount!)

As we ate the pasta/spinach dish with our meal, I mentioned that it made me hungry for a spinach-tomato omelet.  That sounded wonderful to Kurt too.

So tonight I sauteed the rest of the spinach along with onion, garlic, and tomato.  Kurt made the omelets filled with the sauteed vegetables, and added some pepper-jack cheese and a bit of cheddar.  (Both cheeses are made from cows NOT treated with hormones.)

They don't make omelets that delicious in any restaurant.  It was heavenly.  And... being repentant from my selfishness... I offered Kurt a big bite of mine, which he happily ate.