Sunday, July 10, 2011

DAY 191 -- Pretend food.

I am stuffed full of "pretend" food.  The grandkids were visiting, and our little granddaughter loves for me to pretend we are eating... just her and grandma.  Her favorite spot is as the top of the stairs that lead to the master bedroom.  She and I sit at the top of the stairs and she serves me by dipping into the air and dishing it up in front of me.  She insists that we use my plastic measuring spoons to eat with.

"What you want Gwamma?"

I name something like soup or applesauce or peas or anything my heart desires.

And apparently my heart desires healthy foods!  Tonight I realized I never ask for any pretend food that I wouldn't eat if it were real.  I had to sit back and ponder on that a moment.  I considered, Why not?  Why not ask for ice cream, or pudding, or cookies?  But I figured I was better off not letting my imagination play with the images of foods I don't eat.

"I want more peaches, sweetheart."

"Okay Gwamma.  Here go."

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