Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DAY 158 -- Sneaky labels.

Tonight my husband made a food run to the store to pick up a few more things we need for our vacation meals, and brought back a surprise for me... canned mandarin oranges.  He was excited because written across the label in bold letters it read: No Sugar Added.  I was excited because I love mandarin oranges, but for some reason it's one of the canned fruits that I can never find canned in its own juice.  It always has corn syrup or sweetener added.  I thought maybe California had a product I can't find at home and maybe I should get a case of it!  But I was also skeptical.  Really?  No sugar added?  Then we saw the sweet culprit.  Splenda. 

"No sugar added" should really read, "Artificially sweetened."  Or for me and my system (the way my body handles artificial sweeteners) the label needs, "BEWARE: POISON!"

Sadly, the canned mandarin oranges will make a return trip to the store.  But my husband still gets points for being sweet!

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