Thursday, June 2, 2011

DAY 153 -- I feel renewed.

Ever since my recent posts, I have felt renewed and recommitted.  The month of May was full of emotional eating, feeding my heart instead of my stomach.  I stepped on the scale this morning and learned that I gained a pound since I weighed last (May 2, a month ago).  I'm not surprised I gained, but pleased that it was only one pound.  That seems incredible.

Thankfully I feel such a burden lifted, and have been strong again in recognizing hunger and fulness yesterday and today.  I think the turmoil I was feeling about the inconsistencies mentioned in my post ("Who am I?) triggered the difficulties I had in recognizing true hunger last month.   I have high hopes for June, since I'm feeling stronger... and liberated.

Now... I have a question.  I'm wondering if the pictures I posted on my "At the Start" page are confusing since the first picture shown is actually a "before" picture representing "before" I stopped eating sugar.  The "before" picture for My Healthy Eating Challenge is shown last.  Is this confusing?  I'm wondering if I should set up a separate page for the "before and after" concerning sugar, keeping it separate from the challenge I started in January.  I'd really appreciate feedback on this, thanks!

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