Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DAY 124 -- Lemon pork, and green cantaloupe?

Our meal last night was tasty; however, it turned out to taste very similar to another recipe I have used in the past, so for that reason, we felt a little let down.  Don't get me tasted great, but we had our mouths watering for a new flavor.

Here's the link, it really is delicious:   Lemon Pork with Cumin

(The recipe calls for dry white wine, but I substituted it with chicken bouillon.)

Well, if I wanted a different flavor, I certainly got it today.  I was hankering for cantaloupe since we purchased two of the melons from a local market, so I checked to see which one was the most ripe (squeezing the navel and taking a sniff).  Then, I whacked into it with a knife and was shocked to see that the flesh of the melon was a honeydew!  That's when I looked at the sticker on the "cantaloupe" and saw that it was a galia melon.  I quickly looked at the second melon in the fridge, and sure's a galia too.  

Yesterday I wanted a new flavor and got same-o, same-o.  Today I wanted a typical flavor and got something new.  Life is like that at times.

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