Saturday, April 16, 2011

DAY 106 -- Food issues.

While traveling last weekend, and then during this week, I realized I have a couple issues with food.  (Me?  Issues with food?  Hahaha) 
  • ·      Issue 1 – I worry that I will not have enough food available – healthy food – so I end up packing too much food to take with me.  Prior to My Healthy Eating Challenge, I didn't worry about having food available while traveling because I could grab whatever at a convenient store or fast food place.  But now I realize that I probably will not be able to find healthy choices so I end up packing my own stuff to eat... and packing more than I need.
  • ·      Issue 2 – I have a difficult time throwing food away.  I guess it’s from the upbringing of “don’t waste food!”  So, even when my muffins get smashed to smithereens, and the carrot sticks dry out, and the sliced apple turns brown, I keep packing it around.  When flying, that mean’s just one more thing I am lugging around the airport. 

I realized I was getting a little insane with the “don’t waste food” when, during the driving portion of my trip, I approached an agricultural inspection point.  I wasn’t sure what that meant, but all traffic on the Interstate had to stop to be inspected for agricultural products.  When I saw the signs in advance, telling about the inspection, I wondered about my celery sticks, carrot sticks, sliced cucumber, as well as my apples slices and orange segments. I wondered if those items would be confiscated and thrown out, and I actually considered pulling over to eat as much of those foods as possible!!  (So they wouldn’t “go to waste!”)

Fortunately, I realized I was thinking crazy, and resisted the urge to rescue those foods by devouring them.

And crisis averted.  The checkpoint lady just waved me through.  She never asked me questions, never looked in my car.  Nothing.

My fruits and veggies were saved for a later day…and for being toted around the airport.  :)


  1. Thanks for this post. I'm traveling next weekend (by car) and it's just a nice reminder to get items for the trip that will be good snacks. I love to take grapes.

  2. Mmmm...grapes! Tasty treats and easy to eat while driving. I'll have to remember to get some for my next trip!