Monday, April 11, 2011

DAY 100 -- Return trip.

Remember how I mentioned that I try to pay attention to what my body needs?  Well, I sort of ignored what my body told me when I had breakfast at my brother's house.  I had some toast (with a nice heavy whole grain bread) and knew my body needed some protein and planned to have an egg.  Not sure why I neglected to have the egg...too busy yacking and visiting I guess.

Then during the drive home (about 5 hours) I had some veggie sticks and a muffin.  By this point my body really wanted protein and I ended up with what I call a "carb headache."  I get those now and then when I don't have enough protein, even when I eat complex carbs.  (When I was eating too many simple carbs of white flour and potato chips--before My Healthy Eating Challenge--I got frequent carb headaches.)

Thankfully I took some medication for my headache and it helped.  When I got home, I ate a bowl of cottage cheese and felt much better, physically.


  1. Hello!
    I'm glad that people had noticed your weight lost. It's a great motivation. Isn't it?

    To your questions: I miss the people, family and friends. But after 14 years here I have new friends and I feel my roots are now here.

    More later! I must go to Zürich... Writing ist a bit difficult to me.


  2. Miriam, I am glad to know you feel at home in your new country. It helps to have good friends, huh?

    Have a safe trip!