Friday, March 4, 2011

DAY 63 -- Deer in headlights day.

Do you ever have those kind of days?  Where you have so much you need to do, have to do, want to do, that you are overwhelmed and can't get out of your own tracks?  That's me, so far today.  

It felt great when my office was set in order, but part of that process brought about lists upon lists upon lists of things to-do, things to take-care of, etc.  

Today I feel overwhelmed by it all.

So, I said a prayer, pulled myself up by the bootstraps (actually, my slippers, since I hadn't even dressed yet), and did what my sister says works for her.  I got dressed and put on some lipstick.  That's her advice.  Putting on lipstick made me want to go a bit further, so I put on some eyeliner and mascara too.  I even put on earrings.

Amazing what a boost that gave me.  I now have some steaks defrosting for tonight's supper, and a load of laundry going.  That's progress!  :)  

Next I'll add some music--the kind that makes me want to dance--and get crackin' on those lists!  

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